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Our orthodontist and team offer a wide variety of types of braces to help patients of all orthodontic needs have the smiles they want. We are pleased to provide ceramic braces as a cosmetic option for patients who want braces with a tooth-colored material that can blend with their natural teeth and have less chance of being noticed by others.

Despite the durability of ceramic braces, it’s important to give them proper daily care and cleanings to optimize their function. If any part of your braces appliance becomes broken, damaged or weakened by tooth decay, it could cause you to need more time to correct your tooth alignment.

Just like natural teeth, braces should be cleaned with a toothbrush twice a day and flossed where they meet the teeth and gums daily. You may find that the best time to floss is at the end of your final evening meal or snack. If you have found that areas of your smile are hard to clean, Dr. Wendy Chen can help you determine if you should switch to using tools such as an interdental brush and a floss threader.

Keep in mind that certain foods and oral habits can result in damage to your ceramic braces if you aren’t careful. For example, it’s best to avoid chewing on gum and sticky foods because these can stick to the wires and bands of your braces and make parts of the appliance come loose or break off. Similarly, you should avoid bad habits such as chewing on hard objects like pens or eating hard candy or tough foods.

It’s also a good idea to limit your intake of dark foods and drinks that can stain your tooth enamel over time. If you develop tooth stains on areas of your are teeth that aren’t covered by your braces, your natural smile can become a different shade than your orthodontic appliance. When you do drink dark beverages, we recommend using a straw and cleaning your teeth in a timely manner.

If you are considering receiving ceramic braces in Colleyville, Texas, you are welcome to call Wendy Chen Orthodontics at 817-581-4031 today and arrange a consultation with our team.