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Looking for a discreet orthodontic treatment that is more permanent than clear aligners but more subtle than clear braces? Our orthodontist may have a solution for you! At Wendy Chen Orthodontics, we offer BRIUS® lingual braces in Colleyville, Texas, a breakthrough new orthodontic technology that gives you the smile of your dreams with less hassle and in less time. To learn more about BRIUS lingual braces, call our office at 817-581-4031 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Wendy Chen.


BRIUS is a revolutionary new orthodontic solution that uses a non-sliding orthodontic technique to gently move your teeth into their proper alignment. The appliance consists of two main parts: a rigid bar that rests behind your teeth and flexible arms that are individually designed for each tooth, allowing our orthodontist to apply the ideal amount of force that each tooth needs to move to its proper position. The individual movement of each tooth makes for a more efficient overall treatment, shortening the time you will actually wear the BRIUS appliance and making your daily hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing, considerably easier than they would be with traditional braces. Most moderate cases, in fact, can be addressed with a single BRIUS appliance per dental arch, a stark contrast from clear aligners which need to be changed out every two weeks.


With fewer visits to our orthodontist and less interruption of your daily life, most BRIUS patients are able to complete their treatment in less than a year! Because the appliance sits on the back of your teeth, it is truly invisible, more so even than clear aligners. To talk with our orthodontist about whether you are a candidate for BRIUS lingual braces, call our office and get started on your new smile today!