Preserving the Health of Your Periodontal Tissues Is Very Important for Your Braces Adjustments

Each tooth in your mouth is anchored in its specific dental socket by strong periodontal ligaments. The health of these connective tissues and your gums is very important for the process of realigning your teeth with braces. Each of your routine adjustment sessions at ’s orthodontic clinic is designed to apply progressive tension to the… Read more »

It’s Important to Begin Orthodontic Treatment at a Young Age

If you want your child to have a top-notch smile and oral health, then you need to bring them to at an early age for their first orthodontic consultation. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends taking your child in for their first orthodontic appointment by the time they are 7 years old, even… Read more »

Speed Up Orthodontic Treatment With AcceleDent®

Some patients are hesitant when orthodontic treatment is recommended. Braces and other orthodontic appliances often need to remain on the teeth for a very long time. Depending on the case, braces or aligners may be needed from 18 months to a few years. If you need to have orthodontic treatment, don’t fret! Ask Dr. what… Read more »

Take Your Oral Health Care to New Heights With Orthodontic Therapy

A straight smile is the goal of every orthodontist in the field. Orthodontics strives for newer and better ways to fix misaligned teeth every year, and due to the complexity of it, orthodontists must receive years of additional training to prepare them. Take your oral health care to new heights with orthodontics. For more information… Read more »

A Straighter Smile with Invisalign®

Malocclusion is defined as crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. Many adults have long wanted to have straighter teeth. They may be hesitant to straighten their teeth because metal braces would mar the beauty of their smile. If this sounds familiar, ask Dr. about how Invisalign® in , , can help you reach a straight… Read more »

Your Child Will Need to Use a Retainer After Their Braces Have Been Removed

Thanks to their consistent adjustment appointments with Dr. , your child’s braces have corrected the alignment of their teeth. Now that this is done the orthodontic hardware can be uninstalled from your son or daughter’s mouth. It’s also important to note that there will still be some residual tension in your child’s dental sockets. If… Read more »

Do You Know How to Care for Your Orthodontic Treatments?

Do you know how to care for your orthodontic treatments? Cleaning your teeth should be a task that everyone accepts in order to maintain a happy smile with optimum oral health. Likewise, if you do not clean your orthodontic treatments, including your braces, they will not be able to function or serve you right. Listed… Read more »

Are You Ready to Correct Your Malocclusions?

Are you ready to correct your malocclusions? A malocclusion, also called a bad bite, is the result of an irregularity or abnormality in your smile that has resulted in some form of misalignment with your teeth. Oftentimes, malocclusions occur in the incisors, but crooked teeth can appear anywhere, and can even be caused by your… Read more »

Malocclusion 101

In the dental arena there are such things as malocclusions that can affect your bite. In fact, malocclusions, commonly referred to as “bad bites”, are the misalignment and accompanying poor fit of your teeth and jaws. Malocclusions can be caused by a plethora of factors, many of which are out of your control. For all… Read more »

Orthodontic Treatment Tips: Clean Your Braces Regularly

Do you clean your braces regularly? When implementing your brushing and flossing routine while wearing braces, exercise care and brush slowly and safety to avoid accidentally damaging them. Because flossing can be difficult with braces, it may be necessary to add an additional level of service such as mouthwash. In addition, follow these important tips… Read more »