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Thanks to their consistent adjustment appointments with Dr. Wendy Chen, your child’s braces have corrected the alignment of their teeth. Now that this is done the orthodontic hardware can be uninstalled from your son or daughter’s mouth.

It’s also important to note that there will still be some residual tension in your child’s dental sockets. If it’s not addressed in some way this tension could allow their teeth to gradually drift out of their new position.

To prevent this from happening Dr. Wendy Chen will need to fit your child for a retainer for a retainer. Hawley retainers are the most common. This is a thin piece of dental acrylic that Dr. Wendy Chen molds to match the unique shape of your son or daughter’s mouth. It is removable yet secures to their teeth with a set of sturdy wires.

If your child only needed a minor amount of correction from braces, Dr. Wendy Chen might recommend a clear plastic retainer. This is also a common type of retainer for people who have had their teeth corrected by Invisalign®.

If one area needed significant realignment Dr. Wendy Chen might recommend installing a fixed retainer. This is a rigid metal band that Dr. Wendy Chen cements behind their teeth with a special dental adhesive.

If your son or daughter is due to have their braces removed at Dr. Wendy Chen’s Colleyville, Texas, orthodontic clinic and you have a question about retainers, you can call 817-581-4031 to speak to a staff member at Wendy Chen Orthodontics.