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If you are wondering if you should align your crooked smile, then our Wendy Chen Orthodontics team thinks you should! There are many reasons why you should straighten your teeth, and those reasons are:

Reason No. 1: You’ll finally love your appearance

Usually, when you have crooked teeth, you feel self-conscious and embarrassed of your smile. So, if you decide to align your teeth, you’ll finally love your appearance and you’ll no longer be afraid to pose for pictures or laugh at jokes.

Reason No. 2: Your chances of having dental issues will decrease

Typically, when you have a misaligned smile, food particles and plaque tend to get trapped in the little hard-to-clean places between your teeth. And, because those places are hard to clean, those particles will begin to threaten your smile, creating tooth decay and gum disease.

Reason No. 3: Your mouth will function properly

If you have aligned teeth, you will have a proper bite, which means you will be able to chew and eat much better. This will help make the daily chore of eating much easier. Having straight teeth will also improve your speech, which will boost your self-esteem.

As you can see, orthodontic treatment in Colleyville, Texas, can help you in more ways than you realize. So, if you think your teeth need a little adjustment, please feel free to call our office today at 817-581-4031 and schedule an appointment with your orthodontist, Dr. Wendy Chen. We are happy to meet with you and see if orthodontic treatment is the best solution for you!