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Deviations in the alignment, orientation, and position of your teeth can increase your risk of suffering from dental attrition and dental fractures. If the problem also affects your front teeth, it can leave you with an unattractive smile, and diminished self-confidence.

In a situation like this, a professional orthodontist like Dr. Wendy Chen can correct the alignment of your teeth with traditional braces. The process requires routine adjustment sessions where your braces are tightened and tune. Each of these appointments will apply progressive tension to the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in the socket.

Each outpatient appointment can also be used to replace any pieces of braces hardware that have suffered a little wear and tear. If you’ve noticed a problem with any part of your braces, let Dr. Wendy Chen know, so she can give it extra focus.

Let Dr. Wendy Chen know about any struggles you’ve had to clean in and around a piece of braces hardware. Many times, she can recommend special oral hygiene tools or techniques to help you maintain good oral hygiene.

If you have had braces installed at Dr. Wendy Chen’s orthodontic clinic in Colleyville, Texas, and you need to reschedule an adjustment appointment, you should call 817-581-4031 to consult with a staff member at Wendy Chen Orthodontics.